The Lyrics

Awake in the Dream CD

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Horticulture Man

Horticultural Man come into your life
buzzing through your head like a big beehive
Horticulture Man like a big parade
walking over everything that’s ever been made
ooooh…where did he go?
Horticulture Man coming to your town
rocking to the beat of a funky funky sound
Horticulture Man moving ‘cross the floor
always moving in and out of everybody’s door
ooooh….where did he go?

Groovy Sunshine

All this fighting, got me down, seems the Joker, wears a crown
take me away, to a foreign land, where the humans, might understand
Groovy Sunshine, swimming round, butterfly, barely left the ground
Was a time, when feeling good, was what we lived for, was understood
brothers, sisters embraced the light, wanting no more, than do what’s right
Groovy Sunshine, swimming round, butterfly, knows where she’s found
Where are we going? no body knows, perhaps it is the time, just let things grow
Go on out, look into the sky, let the rainbow into your eyes
Groovy Sunshine, swimming round, nature knows, where she is bound